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September 2016

Halloween Washi!

Our Color Fuse Blog Hop has been put on hold until January.  This is great news for you because you won't have to wait to see my posts until October and November!  I will be posting them the next four weeks in a row!  This technique I love!  We used it for a Christmas card class this month and it made the most adorable Christmas card that I love just as much as this Halloween version.


Put five layers of Washi Tape on a card, cut out images to place on top.  Add a sentiment.  Instant too cute card!

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Peek a Boo Cards!

I love how this card is engineered!  There are quite a few websites out there with videos on how to make a Peek a Boo Card, so I will post the materials for this card below, but search the web for a video to make your experience making this card easier!


This is the outside of the card.  Make sure you take note of what is in the circle.  Now look at the inside...


Peek a Boo!  A different image pops through!  It is magic!

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Color Fusers Blog Hop: September 2016 - Part 2

It is always fun to turn something into something else.  The hard part is thinking of it!  I knew when I saw the Here's to Cheers Bundle that there was going to be a way to turn those tags into cards!  Here is one example of that using the Color Fuse Combo for September.

001 109

The colors and materials are similar to the first card I posted the first week in September, but by substituting the Here's to Cheers Bundle instead of the Pretty Pines Framelets, you get a totally different look!  The tag itself is the one that makes a hanger for a wine bottle, but if you cut it out twice and glue the front over the back opening, you get a really cute card embellishment.  Directions are on the TAMS link below.  Remember you may print them out for future reference!

  Click below to hop to the next blogs.  After me you go to Jason's site.  Below the links are the directions and supplies for my project.

Jason Loucks

Paola Phillips

Jo Anne Hewins

Melissa Kerman

Robin Messenheimer

Pat Ertman - you are here!



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Bendy Cards

Thanks to a wonderful downline demonstration, I learned to make these bendy cards.  They are not as hard as they look, but it really helps to have someone walk you through the directions the first time.  This will be one of the techniques I will be teaching at Stamp Camp, so if you want to learn about this impressive card technique, think about joining us at camp as a guest!  I will be focusing on Christmas bendy cards next! Image

My computer is in for repairs, so until they figure out what is wrong, I will not be able to include Tams instructions for cards.  

May Flowers Bundle Pop Up Card

One of my favorite Paper Engineered Folds is the one below.  So easy, but so stunning and becomes a display piece because of the way it is folded.


The front of the card pops up the image and the back of the card holds the sentiment.


I love how the stamp set and thinlets go together in this set.  See the TAMS link below for directions on how to engineer this card quickly and easily!


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