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Use a Social Media Post for Inspiration!

You do not need to reinvent the wheel when you design a card.  Tip number 3 - find a card that you like on Facebook, Pinterest, or a blog that uses  your DSP and/or stamp set selection.  Copy it somewhere so you can refer to it later.

I asked demo Patty Chenail if I could use her card from my WOW swap in this exercise.  When I called her to ask for permission, she said, "Of course!"  She then explained her inspiration for her cards!  She is a math teacher, so all of her cards use some kind of math in them - geometry, shapes, symmetry.....she takes her strength, MATH, and uses it in her card designs.   Math is NOT my strength, so that will not be my inspiration.  Here is her card!


Love the geometric shapes in this card.  This card will be my inspiration.  I may use a lot of elements from the card, or I may just use one or two elements.  My beloved dad has been gone for several years now so, I don't need a Father's Day card.  I will look for a different sentiment to fit into the hexagon shape.

What card will be your inspiration?


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