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Your Subconscious Mind is Amazing!

I play tennis.  Sometimes I serve well and sometimes I don't.  When I don't, the more I think about it, the worse it gets!  In the book, Inner Tennis, the first chapter talks about tricking your brain into helping you correct this.  As you get ready to serve, you think about the most perfect serve you ever made.  Then you stop thinking and serve.  You know what!  You serve a great serve!  Don't ask me how it works, but it does for me!

How does this relate to stamping?  I think it was my upline, years ago, that said she gets the best ideas in the shower in the morning.  I started paying attention, and you know what, so do I!  Why?  If I put away a card design that just isn't working, or put out some materials that I might want to work on in the future and go to sleep - whether I like it or not, my mind works on the problem when I am asleep.  

Now do you understand why I gave you the design tips in little pieces?  Did you come up with some great ideas while waiting to see what I would post next?  Did inspiration come to you in the morning?  Right away?  Two days later?

That is already beginning to happen with this project?  I hope it is for you too!   This morning I woke up and thought, WOW, wouldn't that ruler make a cool border?  



Then I thought, let's make those tools pop up when they stand up the card!



And of course I want at least one card where the screwdriver is the focal point so I can use that cute little sad face and the sentiment, "I screwed up!"


Can you see where I am going with this?  Now I will get out my stamps and go to town!  Since Tuesday is my posting day, tomorrow, I will try to have at least one of these cards ready to post.  Since I have the cards constructed already, maybe I'll have four!  A whole collection for you!  It all depends on my mojo for the day!

Remember, you post a card here, send me a card to post with you as the designer and if you have time, share your inspiration.  I will send you a Twisted Gate Fold Card with Directions using this set!

 What flips your switch?  One lady commented on the first post that she already was using DSP to design her cards but didn't really realize that she was using it as a design element.  I LOVE those AH HA! moments!


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